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Cooperative Purchasing

What is the Cooperative Purchasing Connection?

  • Service cooperatives, and their purchasing program, are an integral part of communities across the state. Empowered by legislation passed in 1976, eight service cooperatives in Minnesota created the Cooperative Purchasing Connection (CPC) which also serves participating agencies in North and South Dakota.

    The Cooperative Purchasing Program (CPC) is an efficient and cost-saving program designed to help fulfill your purchasing needs.  Our cooperative partners work with reputable vendors and combine the purchasing power of service cooperative members to provide a wide variety of high quality projects and services with excellent volume discounts to our members.

    Local governments, schools and nonprofits are eligible for the value and cost savings provided through this partnership.

    Membership is open to:

    • Schools – Public, Charter, & Private
    • Cities, Counties, Governmental Agencies
    • Nonprofit organizations and other partnership agencies.

Meet our Dedicated CPC Team: