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Bus safety
Playground safety

Providing Safety Expertise

  • The Health and Safety Management Assistance Program provides consultation and coordination of services related to the management of environmental health and safety concerns for school districts. Craig Honkola is dedicated to safety and has a tenure in the industry, holding a Masters in Safety Management and having worked for more than a decade in the field.

    The following services can be offered through site visits with the Health & Safety department:

    • Work with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and other Service Cooperatives in the development of future H&S workshops, meetings, trainings, and more.

    • Assistance with budgeting and applying for health and safety levy funds through the Department of Education.

    • Assistance coding Health & Safety purchases.

    • Interpretations of mandatory regulations using direct communication with the MDE.

    • Mock OSHA building walk-through inspection.

    • Assistance with machine guarding questions and/or inquiries.

    • Completing playground inspections and audits Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations.

    • Team with IEA to provide a wealth of knowledge during site visits.

    • Personalized safety plans.

Contact Northeast Service Cooperative's Health & Safety Manager: