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  • The Northeast Fiber Network serves critical service sites including schools, libraries, sovereign nations, counties, cities, health care, and state entities across northeastern Minnesota. We also make dark fiber, wavelength services available to the public sector and to private sector technology service providers. 

For Critical Service Sites

  • The Northeast Fiber Network connects critical service sites to high-speed fiber optic across northeastern Minnesota. Critical service sites include schools, libraries, health care, nonprofits, state, cities, counties, sovereign nations, and higher education.

    The network provides 2.8 Terabit current core switching capacity using DWDM technology.

For Service Providers

  • The Northeast Fiber Network is a middle-mile fiber network that expands into eight counties of northeastern Minnesota.

    We offer Network Services, Lease Fiber Services, Broadband Internet Services, and Professional Services. We also have Optical Transport Network facilities across the region with collocation availability, which meets Space and Power Service requirements.

For Business or Residents

  • We do not provide direct access to businesses and homes. Agreements with last-mile service providers enable access to the Northeast Fiber Network to expand broadband.

    NESC supports broadband intiatives in the region. Currently, the Minnesota Broadband Coalition is collection stories from those who do not have access to broadband. For more information, click here.

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