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Worksite Wellness

  • Grant Rationale:

    Since “health” is an implicit goal in health care delivery, health promotion activities are important to our members, employer groups and the regional insurance pools.  Furthermore:

    • Discretionary work site dollars are increasingly scarce
    • New plan designs encourage informed, personal health management
    • Grant-based activities complement other health and wellness components already imbedded in many health plans such as the fitness discount, Healthy Start, Chronic Condition and Disease Management.
    • Members have requested resources and support in the areas of health and wellness
    • Worksites offer opportunities for research-based results (modeling, social support)

    Suggested Activities:

    • Brown bag lunch series with health/wellness speaker/presenter
    • Fitness equipment for checkout such as canoes, kayak’s, etc
    • Prevention clinics (e.g. flu shots, bp monitoring) when not offered through the plan
    • Incentives (prizes, gift cards) for a physical/wellness challenges/contests
    • Monthly/weekly staff “salad bar” luncheon and/or school cafeteria “salad bar” luncheon
    • Healthy snacks (fruit, veggies)
    • Exercise/wellness/health promotion media (DVD’s, books) to give away or lend
    • Health/wellness newsletters/publications…device-based applications
    • Special health/wellness events
    • Committee liaison or communication efforts (w/local resources, regional centers, Blue Cross)
    • CPR/First Aid training for staff
    • Exercise equipment (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike)
    • Pedometers, hand sanitizers, first aid kits, blood pressure cuffs, other monitors
    • Exercise mats, jump ropes, exercise classes
    • Bicycle racks for commuters, incentives for non-motorized commuters
    • Seed money for other and matching grants/activities
    • Staff garden planting boxes/seeds/vegetable plants etc.
    • Membership to whole foods cooperative
    • Other locally-based and/or cooperative initiatives

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    Download the ISD Wellness Grant Utilization Form to get started on your wellness journey.  

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