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    Your Service Cooperative group health insurance pool spreads risk and reduces cost while providing you the freedom to select the doctor and health plan of your choice. You will be the decision maker to see any doctor, clinic, or hospital for your care. This freedom gives you greater satisfaction about your healthcare, which leads to perceived and actual improvements in your well-being. And it works! The average annual increases in member’s premiums for the last 5 years has been less than 3%


    • New Statewide risk pool under the name Minnesota Healthcare Consortium (MHC)   
    • New rating methodology to provide more stability
      • Lower pooling limits for catastrophic claims
      • Blending your claims with averages to stabilize medium and small groups
    • New renewal delivery process and timeline
    • Emerging networks and plan design options
    • Introducing consumer tools and programs (see back page)


    • Regional pool rate discretion and reserves
    • Group control of benefit design with opportunity to adopt alternate plans to off-set healthcare inflation
    • Dedicated Blue Cross and Service Cooperative teams
    • Assistance available in mandatory bid years
    • Exclusive and innovative medical savings accounts with Further (formerly Select Account)
    • Customized wellness programs with grant funding available
    • Education and resources available on best practices







    The Value of BCBS Networks
    The Blue Cross Blue Shield networks offers you open access to the Aware Network which includes 100% of hospitals and 98% of primary care providers in Minnesota. This includes Mayo Clinic and Hospitals, offering you access to the best hospital in the nation as reported by U.S. News and World Report for 2015-2016.  Our open access networks mean your staff do not need to seek a referral to see the care professional that best suits their needs, your staff make that decision.

    Traveling out of state, snow bird? No problem! Your BCBS network extends beyond the Minnesota borders, providing you coverage across the country.

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