Spelling Bee

Students Spelling their way to Success

  • There is a hush in the room as a student carefully spelled out the word for the moderator. Her palms were sweaty as she carefully and thoughfully finished spelling the word. The crowd leaned forward in anticipation look to the judge to see if she was successful in her feat. "That is correct," the moderator said. The grin widened for the student who had just successfully spelled a more difficult word. This is a typical scene that occurs as students from across the region spell their way to victory.

    The Spelling Bee is a sudent program offered to students from member school districts. This program provides students with the challenge to display their skills in spelling. First, at a local level competing against students wtihin the classroom and expanding to regional school districts. Students successful in their spelling endeavors have the chance to compete at state and nationals. For students, participating in this program has been a way for them to shine in front of their peers, adults and educators.

    The Region 3 Spelling Bee Competition is hosted at:
    Northeast Service Cooperative
    5525 Emerald Avenue
    Mountain Iron, MN  55768

    The 2019 Regional Spelling Bee will be Thursday, February 7th!

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