Student Programs

  • The Academic Enrichment Programs coordinated by Northeast Service Cooperative in Northeastern Minnesota provide the necessary challenges and motivation to benefit students both academically and emotionally. Student participation in these programs also serve as an activity or strategy to support the goals and action plans developed within their districts. We continue to grow as a result of increased interest in the stability and success of our regional programs available to Northern Minnesota school districts.


Knowledge Bowl

  • Minnesota Service Cooperative Knowledge Bowl competitions are interdisciplinary academic contests designed for secondary high school students in grades 7 to 12. We  also have regional competitions for elementary students in grades 5-6! Depending on the grade division, teams of 4-6 individuals demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills in both oral and written formats. Students field challenging questions developed from over 15 curriculum areas. Northern Minnesota students can participate in a number of ways, such as computer operators, scorekeepers and team competitors.

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Spelling Bee

  • Northern Minnesota students are challenged to demonstrate their spelling skills with an opportunity to advance to state and nationals. This program has students on their toes as they spell their way to success. This long-standing education program offered at Northeast Service Cooperative is a multi-player exercise for spelling words provided by a moderator. It allows students to utilize their abilities to spell in a group setting. Students participate in classroom, school and/or district levels, with advancement to the Regional Spelling Bee. The winners at the regional level go to a Multi-Regional State Bee for a chance to advance to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC.

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